Common Home Appliance Issues

Fridge not cooling?

Does the unit have power to it? Check the settings on either the thermostat or control panel (maybe little hands accidentally adjusted things). Is anything blocking the air vents or restricting airflow? Are the condenser coils cleaned? If all these check out okay, call us for help.

Ice maker not producing ice?

Is the water supply on? Check water dispenser shutoff to confirm the ice maker is turned on. Consult owner’s manual to ensure it is turned on correctly. Has the water filter been changed recently? If none of these work, contact us.

Dryer not drying?

Is the breaker tripped? (A half-tripped breaker will still allow the dryer to start but not heat). Is the lint trap clean? Is the outside dryer vent blocked or restricted? If gas, is the gas turned on? If none of these solutions work, call us.

Clothes washer not washing?

Is the unit plugged in and the water sources turned on? Is the detergent dispensing, and are you using the correct kind of detergent? If it’s a HE washer, have you cleaned the washer lately?

Washer not spinning?

Is the washer draining properly? Is the drain filter clean? Is your load properly balanced? is cold water source turned on?

Dishwasher not cleaning?

Are the spray arms clear of debris and the filter cleaned out? Is the water source turned on? Is the dispenser opening to release soap? Was the cycle interrupted for some reason?

Microwave has no power?

Confirm breaker isn’t tripped. Try plugging a lamp or other small appliance into socket to make sure plug is live. If plug is live and no power call us.

Oven not heating?

Is breaker tripped? Are settings correct and has “start” been pressed? Is the oven in sabbath mode? Is the door closing properly? Have you done a self clean recently? If all other checks come out good call us.

Disposal not working?

Is the outlet live? Try the reset button (small red button underneath). Is something jammed in disposal?

If these don’t help your problem, call us today to schedule. (303) 927-7928.